Thursday, September 28, 2017

Book Lovers Alley

It is not news that I have a Book Review show titled Book Lovers Alley on Youtube's Nimabox Live Channel, a new edutainment TV channel online. One of the reasons I could not say no to this show when it was presented to me was the fact that I needed to reawaken my love for books. Yes, I know, it happens to me too. As a reader, I had gotten sloppy; I found myself reading information shared on social media pages and reading strictly for research purposes to write more articles for other sites where I am a contributing writer. Not to mention trying to increase book sales for my books - The Quilt and Being Mummy and Me as well as being a mother and a wife.

I wanted a compelling reason to justify spending hours lost in reading a good book and basking in the satisfaction of fulfilment that I'm sharpening my fiction writing skills by studying the works of other writers. Not that I need one anyway, my career sort of requires that I do. Lol. I guess it is the pressure to earn passive and active income that makes me feel guilty for spending a lot of time reading. Sometimes everyone needs that extra push to get them back in a corner with a book. As writers, the push is to update ourselves by reading other authors' works. And just like everything else in life, reading has to be deliberate. Life throws so much at us that if we don't force or encourage ourselves to read, then we will lose a part of ourselves that enables us to be improved and open minded.

Another reason this show is important besides giving you that much-needed push to read, is that it helps you decide what books to read. That way you don't spend cash buying a book whose storyline you don't like or whose author's philosophy you don't share. That will totally make you feel like you wasted your cash. By watching this show, you can get value for your money on books you purchase. So far, the books I have shared on the Show are books I read years ago and the more we shoot, the more books I am forced to read. The show covers a wide variety of books from different categories and genre. We have Non-Fiction book reviews on Career/Personal development books and Fiction books from Children's Books to Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Thriller, etc. We also review comics and graphic novels on the show too.

So if you have missed any of the shows since it started running, follow these links to find your way back:

Episode 1 - Jeremy Fisher (Children's Book) and A Simple Plan (Thriller)

Episode 2 - Star Dust (Fantasy, Book turned into movie)

Episode 3 - 26 Big Ideas (Personal Development, Non-Fiction)

Episode 4 - Yellow Yellow (Drama, Fiction based on the challenges faced in Nigeria's Niger Delta region)

Episode 5 - Purpose Driven Life (Personal Development, Non-Fiction)

Episode 6 - Nigerian Comics (Fiction)

And Season one isn't done yet. By Season two, we are going to have author interviews and a much-rounded package for you. So stick with us and don't go anywhere. Invite your friends who are fellow book lovers to watch the show and share the videos from YouTube to your social media handles so more people can benefit from it also. If you have books you'd like me to review, you can suggest it and if you are a writer and you'd like me to discuss your book on the show, feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But please don't take offence if I can't put your book on the show, I reserve the right to say no because book reading is time intensive. And remember, I do have other jobs to tend to outside the show.

Bottom line, take out time and drop by the Youtube channel and Subscribe so you can get notifications on when to watch the different episodes of my show. It is one great way to renew your desire to read.

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