Friday, October 4, 2019

My Experience at the #CNWritersConference 2019

This year has been pretty busy for me with mini collaborations here and there that are yet to come into the limelight. Don't worry i will keep you abreast with them as time goes on. Today I want to talk about my experience at the 6th edition of the CN Writers Conference which took place in Lagos (at Seedspace, Ikoyi) last month. 

I got the pleasure of mingling with other professional & aspiring writers and meet my coworkers in the Connect Nigeria Article hub. I learned how to move my ebooks and many other topics of immense relevance. Most of which I would share on my website Below are the speakers at the program and the topics they covered:

I was happy to not only be there, but to also showcase my books before the fiction workshop started and attempt to market them. having books in print is always a different ball game from ebooks and it was nice to share that part of my journey with others.

Nugget from Sally Dadzie (Facilitator of the Fiction Workshop and Best seller Okadabooks Author): Follow where the money is. Test the waters with your story to find out what the audience is interested in or the direction people are leaning towards before releasing a book. Creative writing is beyond normal writing, it is about taking and maximising what you have. There are so may markets for Creative Writing. Nigerians read, give them what they want to read and they will follow. whatever you are writing, there are groups of people who like it. Your passion gives you money and will push you out there.  

As a mom who works remotely In another state, it was great to get away from the kids and be around women like me who are achieving their dreams. 

I made a few friends. I didn't to snap with all of them though. And I haven't kept in touch or followed up with them since then (my bad). But their energy was great and it made the experience warm and fun.

And I took some pictures with one of the guest speakers (Mrs Awele Ilusanmi, Author of Launch Money) and one of my senior colleague (Ibiene, who also has a blog of her own - to help me remember the day. See pics below:

After the conference, we had an in-house writers meeting which was more of an orientation meeting for all the Connect Nigeria article writers. it was a long overdue meeting with a much needed discuss. 

After the serious bit was done, we played, snapped pictures and said our goodbyes. It was great to hangout with people you have worked with online for over a year. there is paradox that says writers embrace solitude in a bid create content that connects with other human beings or something like that.  Ironic but true. 

As writers, we gain material from experience, life, events, happenstance and from our imagination. We do not take it for granted when we have a chance to meet up and encourage each other. There is so much negativity/discouragement in our world today and that leads to a false image of happiness projected by people on social media. A writers' conference not only empowers writers with knowledge but also opens them up t a community of others who understand the struggle.  

If this conference felt this exhilarating, I wonder what Comic Con or Ake Festival will feel like. Now I get the reason writers travel to attend literary events around the Country. I'm looking forward to the next edition of the Connect Nigeria's Writers Conference.

My Experience at the #CNWritersConference 2019

This year has been pretty busy for me with mini collaborations here and there that are yet to come into the limelight. Don't worry i wi...